Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 3: Scrum-didley-umpscious!

My morning drink on day three
1 whole Pineapple
5 Kiwi
1/2 pint of raspberries
1 pint of blue berries

Okay, day three and I am feeling really good, I feel like I am breathing better my mind is alert and clear. Last night was another story; Three o'clock hit and I felt like I got beat with the tired stick. I went and took a nap while Sage was down for his nap and slept till about 5pm. It gave me a little bit of energy back but it took all the strength I had to make my juice for dinner. I made spinach, cabbage, carrot, and apple and had to gulp it down, not because it wasn't good was just feeling a little nauseous. When Todd got home from work I put him on Sage duty, but Daddy isn't the best about keeping him out of the bedroom so I could sleep, and it also didn't help that my son was a WILD CHILD! I swear someone gave him a shot or two of caffeine. (I think it's all the fresh fruits he is getting.) So I gave up and drank (more like chugged) 16oz of water and I felt so much better. I just need to pay more attention during the day how much water I am taking in. 

I went walking around the mall with my best friend Desi, then we met up for lunch with her sister in law at El Chico's. And I will say I was not feeling like I was missing out on anything, however if had been Chinese it may have been a different story. I took my juice in a thermos and I sipped on my Spinach, apple, carrot drink.

As soon as I get the little man dressed this morning we are going to go walking around Freedom Park. Then I will let him play on the playground and wear himself out so he is ready for a nice nap. Going to go make my green drink to sip on throughout the morning/afternoon. Oh and weight wise it the same as yesterday still hanging in at 223. 

飲勝 Yám sing!

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