Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 5: WOW!

I woke up this morning literally ready to jump out of bed and start my day. I woke up without any pain in my back and the arthritis pain in my hand. I was in a good mood, my breathing is lighter. I feel like I am just walking on clouds today. Sorry no pictures of my drinks for today. But this morning I started out the day with some fresh apple juice and a whole unpeeled lemon, mixed in with my beat juice (It made it far more tolerable).

Went to church, and it was amazing from start to finish, I just felt so close to my Savior today, with my mind and my heart open I could just feel His love all around me. I have been praying this last week to have some questions answered in my life and I feel like I had a few of those questions answered today. I am so grateful for all that I have, I am rich so rich in blessings! I tend to get so caught up in feeling frustrated for all the things that I don't have that I forget to be grateful for all the things that I DO have! I am so grateful for all of my family and friends, I am grateful for my wonderful husband who takes such good care of us. I am grateful for my beautiful healthy children, for 2 wonderful step-sons and two very loving parents who taught me well!

After church I came home and made a drink I had to chug fast just to get it down, not because it tasted bad, I am just not accustomed to cold broccoli, tomato, celery, garlic and parsley. It had good flavor and probably would make a good base for a yummy tomato soup or even a marinade. I am finding myself with more of an open mind for veggies than I ever had before though. I am looking forward to finding more Vegetarian based meals when I do come off my juice fast. I plan on cutting out 90% of the meat products that I eat, I plan on focusing my meals around veggies, bean, legumes, nuts, and fruits, one meat I don't plan on cutting out is fish, I love fish!

As for my weight this morning... down another pound! :)

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