Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 6: Happy Dance!

Again, woke up feeling really good. I was a little tired, but still feeling excellent! Last night was kind of hard, Todd got himself one of those roasted chickens from the Deli at Kroger's... It was so hard getting Sage some of that chicken... I just wanted to tear into a drumstick, even as I was pulling some meat off the bone for Sage I wanted to lick the chicken grease off my fingers, but I made a commitment to myself that I would do this fast 100%! I made some of the Veggie stew, this time I used leeks instead of onion and I added some Serrano peppers and a turnip. I drank the broth and Todd ate the veggies, he loves it he says it has such good flavor!  Even though I can't have the chunks of veggies the broth is really good!

When I woke up feeling a little tired this morning I decided to make a very energy rich drink, so Sage and I made a spinach, kale, strawberries, green apple, and lemon drink. It was so good!! I think Spinach is one of my favorite greens to put in drinks, it is easily blended with fruits. Spinach was one of those veggies that I never appreciated until I was an adult, that and asparagus, now they are among two of my favorite vegi74210es. All though plain cooked spinach isn't my favorite, I love it raw but I like it cooked in with other ingredients6.

Nothing new to report on weight, still weighing in the same as I did yesterday, but I will say that I am noticing a difference in clothes, I went to put my bra on and I am having to use the smallest set of fasteners where are at the start of the juice fast I was on the last set of fasteners. My pants are feeling a little less tight around the waist and they feel baggy in the rear area!! I am good with that! Over 1/2 way through my 10 days, If I keep feeling like this I can easily make this a 30 or even 60 day thing! Another thing I have noticed is how clear my skin is. My face isn't feeling oil in some areas and dry in others, it is soft and smooth.

Scottish: Slainte Mhath!


  1. I guess you'd have to be Scottish to appreciate that drink. It's definitely very GREEN. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. :) The greener the better! The green drinks have the best nutritional bang for the buck! And it is actually a lot better than it looks! It is really sweet, tastes more like a pure fruit drink than it does a veggie drink! This is my favorite so far!

  3. Tonight I made the same drink only instead of the strawberries I added carrots... YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM I love it!