Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 7:  Just keep swimming!

I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo... minus the short term memory loss all though I do get some of that from my mother. I have that song going through my head "Just keep swimming, swimming swimming" feeling completely content and happy in my little world, despite the utter turmoil brewing outside my front door in the crazy world we live in. I know that no matter what may come, as long as I am doing what I am supposed to be and trusting in the Lord that he will look after us.

Nothing new for drinks this morning, I was kind of famished when I woke, so I guzzled the left over drink I had in the fridge along with the apple carrot juice I made for Sage. Going to make a fresh batch before I go walking. So before I go we are going to juicing a lot of apples and more spinach, oh spinach, the green goddess! I cannot get enough of that powerful leafy green!

So each day on my juice fast it keeps getting easier and easier as my body is accustomed to a new way of digesting my foods. Certain smells are hard to handle though only because some foods just smell better than others but it isn't as hard as I thought it would be, I don't know if it's because I spent a lot of time pumping myself up emotionally before I started the juice fast but I am really proud of myself for the progress I have made. I am almost bellow that weight hurdle that I have been having a hard time breaking, I still have a long way to go in where I want to be weight wise but I am so pleased with the success so far, I lost another pound! All the diets I have tried in the past I usually drop 10 lbs and the second I veer off  course it's like a magic wand *poof* (you are now 5 lbs heavier than when you started) It is really frustrating. I have not been able to break that dreaded 220 in over two year which is what I weighed this morning. This has given me a little motivation to really start focusing on getting more exercise time in. So I think I am going to load up the stroller and go for a walk around the mall today. Since it is kind of chili and wet today.

I am feeling really good not just physically and emotionally, I feel like my spiritual wellness has improved dramatically, having a clear mind when you study the scriptures makes a huge difference! I have set aside Sage's nap time as my study, prayer and meditation time, so much quieter (go figure). I used to do my scripture studying in the evening but that was not always easy because I would slide into bed and think "I am too tired to study I am just going to read a chapter" and I found myself not absorbing what I read because I am so ready for my head to hit the pillow. While I was reading yesterday I got one of those overwhelming impressions from the Spirit to do something that for me is not easy to do... share the gospel. And not just anyone a certain set of people that I know have read many anti-mormon literature. So before I could second guess myself I knelt in prayer and asked the Lord to guide my hand as I wrote a letter bearing my testimony to the ones I was inspired to send a book to. Went straight to the mail box with my extra copy of the Book of Mormon and my letter. I trust in my Lord and I know he would not give me a prompting to do something that was not for the benefit of His grand design. So we'll see how this plays out, should be interesting. :) Life is never dull when the Lord is on your side.


  1. So, so proud of you! Keep it up! I read your letter to Dad this morning and he wants to share it on Sunday when they do "missionary moment".

  2. Hehe! Tell dad that would be fine. I miss having you and dad close! Love you!